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We’re looking for candidates who combine strong programming skills with the ability to work well with others...


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We are always happy to talk with game devs who are interested in a unique opportunity that is well-funded, entrepreneurial, and focused on building a great culture.

Featured Positions at Big Huge Games

Build and Release Engineer


Big Huge Games is looking for an experienced Build and Release Engineer to work with our accomplished game development and tools teams. You will be part of a highly skilled and innovative group that is working to develop, test and deploy world class mobile games and related technologies.  We’re looking for candidates who are self-driven and combine strong engineering skills with the ability to work well with others.

You will be working closely with the Engineering group, as well as collaborating with other disciplines including Art, Design, Production, and QA. Your work will involve developing and improving our build and deploy systems across all teams and environments. We want engineers that live and breathe tech yet can still operate and communicate effectively in a highly interactive environment.


  • Develop, maintain, optimize, and document all builds using Team City; adding continuous integration, and unit tests.  This applies to all game team and central tech team projects.
  • Help define best practices for source control, continuous integration, automated testing and release management.
  • Automate, track all merges across all projects (engineers would take care of merge conflicts).
  • Handle all final builds to be deployed for release.  Document and automate associated processes.
  • Develop, maintain, and optimize the tracking of current live modules for DomiNations and future live games.
  • Improve live deployment system for DomiNations and upcoming games. Work with publisher to install on their end.
  • Help in the pre-testing of builds using future OS updates.  Test builds on upcoming iOS/Android/Facebook Gameroom platforms.
  • Maintain all build server machines, environments and scripts.
  • Handle the generation of build artifacts (such as links to daily build packages) for all builds.
  • Work with devs on providing bench marking reports for all builds, which track performance metrics over time such as memory usage, frame rate data, object count, etc.
  • Work with Test (SDET) Engineering to go beyond unit testing and enable nightly automated smoke testing of builds, and report results.
  • Create tools for internal use to support software engineering best practice

Preferred Skills and Qualifications:

  • Expert source control system and branching knowledge, including Git and GitFlow.
  • Expertise with scripting languages and build tools, such as bash, powershell, batch, python, perl, MAVEN.
  • Experience with related build technologies include package management (npm, NuGet) and binary repositories (Artifactory).
  • Extensive Knowledge of different OS, including Windows, MacOS, Linux, Android, iOS.
  • Knowledge of Unity and mobile development / packaging / deployment.
  • Experience with various IDEs and development environments such as Visual Studio, XCode and IntelliJ.
  • Implementation Experience with Continuous Integration/Continuous Delivery processes using various tools like TeamCity, Jenkins/Bamboo, Github, Jira.
  • Experience with AWS.
  • Familiarity and understanding of C#, .NET, Java, C++.
  • Excellent team and interpersonal skills.
  • Excellent written and verbal communication skills.
  • Ability to think quickly and logically to systematically resolve software and hardware related build issues (by analyzing logs, working with other engineers, etc)
  • Strong attention to detail and follow-through skills.
  • Ability to take direction and catch on quickly.
  • Initiative and self-motivation is important.  Must be able to work in a self-directed capacity with the goal of reviewing the current system and proposing tasks and improvements.

Located in Baltimore, Maryland, the team at Big Huge Games is heir to a rich tradition of quality game development stretching back more than two decades.

Our goals are simple: make great games, have a great place to come to work every day, and live up to the motto “you gotta have fun to make fun.” Potential applicants should check out DomiNations on iOS or Android.

This a full-time (40hr/week) contract position onsite at our studio in Timonium, MD. No telecommuting or remote work options are available. 

Senior SDET


Big Huge Games is looking for a Senior Software Development Engineer in Test (SDET) to join the engineering team developing game play and feature automation tests, QA tools, and debug utilities to help ensure our projects meet and exceed our high quality bar. As a senior team member this position will provide mentoring and leadership to junior engineers. We're looking for candidates who possess a strong technical background and can combine engineering and quality assurance practices. A passion for games and game development is a must. 


  • Design, develop, debug, and update automated functionality tests for DomiNations and future game projects. 
  • Communicate with QA teams to develop tools, commands, and utilities that increase the efficiency of the manual QA process. 
  • Plan, develop, and debug tools and automation tests for new features and content. 
  • Perform team code reviews and architecture reviews and provide mentoring and code feedback to junior engineers
  • Provide team leadership bandwidth when needed
  • Work with Central Tools team engineers to develop and improve automation frameworks and related technologies


  • 4+ years of experience in a software engineering/development role
  • Strong knowledge of C# is a must
  • Experience with Java and Python
  • Understanding of Quality Assurance practices and methodologies relating to standalone applications
  • Full feature architecture experience or understanding 
  • Ability to design and write automation systems for complex features
  • Ability to quickly understand existing code and enhance/extend existing architecture 
  • Source control system knowledge and usage (Git, Perforce, etc.) 
  • Outstanding team, communication, and interpersonal skills 
  • A strong passion for gaming and game development is an absolute must


  • Degree in Computer Science or equivalent preferred
  • Unity3D Engine experience 
  • Previous QA testing experience preferred
  • Familiar with iOS and Android games/apps
  • Experience or familiarity with Amazon services such as EC2 and VPC
  • Knowledge of REST and socket based server communication structures


 This position does not involve web server, web front-end, or website application automation. This is an onsite position in the vicinity of Baltimore, MD, no remote or 'telecommuting' option is available.

**All applicants MUST include a cover letter containing an overview of how they think automation could be used to more effectively and efficiently test your favorite game.**

Web Tools Engineer


Big Huge Games is looking for a talented web tools engineer to join our accomplished game development team.  You will be part of a highly skilled and innovative group that is responsible for creating world class mobile games and related technologies, focusing on web-based tools.  We’re looking for candidates who combine strong programming skills with the ability to work well with others.  Your input and technical abilities will help contribute to our long-term development and direction.

The Web Tools Engineer will join our Central Tech group to build tools and pipelines which empower our teams to deliver industry-leading games. You will be working across all disciplines to identify bottlenecks, inefficiencies and manual processes that can be automated, improved or streamlined.  Once potential improvements have been identified, you will also be responsible for architecting and implementing tool-based solutions. Finally, after deploying and delivering tools, you will continue to iterate with users on our teams to maintain and improve those tools and workflows over time. This is an important and challenging role where you have the opportunity to make a large impact across our studio and product portfolio!   


  • Design, implement, deploy and maintain tools that empower content, development, product, QA and ops teams to work better, faster and with less possibility of errors.
  • Capture and synthesize requirements from multiple teams across different disciplines (Design, Art, QA, Product, Engineering) on what tools are required.
  • Be a ‘customer’ focused champion for efficient tool-based content creation, live ops and dev ops.
  • Hold regular stakeholder meetings to gather feedback on your tools and make changes as required.

Preferred Skills and Qualifications:

  • Strong oral and written communications with excellent team and interpersonal skills. You must be able to collaborate with team members (both technical and non-technical) at all levels across all disciplines.
  • Knowledge and desire for understanding how to build large-scale, high-performance, maintainable software. Ability to architect systems from scratch.
  • Expertise in front-end web development as well as back-end web technologies and services (e.g. PHP, HTML, CSS, Javascript, Node.js, React, JQuery, MySQL, ASP.NET).
  • Ability to work in a non-traditional web development role, focusing on strong and responsive UX.
  • Experience with server side and game development languages and engines (Unity, C#, .NET Core, Java, Redis, Memcached).
  • Ability to understand, evaluate and utilize a wide variety of different technologies when architecting tools solutions.  Focus on horizontal application of multiple technologies over a deep vertical slice approach.
  • Basic understanding of performance implications of caching, networking, storage, and concurrency.
  • Strong computer science fundamentals in object-oriented design, algorithms, and data structures.
  • Software engineering skills, including the ability to write maintainable and robust code.
  • Experience developing in and supporting all stages of the development lifecycle.
  • Familiarity with games and development, especially mobile and free to play.
  • Bachelor’s degree in Computer Science or equivalent engineering track.


Located in Baltimore, Maryland, the team at Big Huge Games is heir to a rich tradition of quality game development stretching back more than two decades.

Our goals are simple: make great games, have a great place to come to work every day, and live up to the motto “you gotta have fun to make fun.” Potential applicants should check out DomiNations on iOS or Android.