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DomiNations is an epic combat strategy game of advancement, exploration, and conquest from legendary game designer Brian Reynolds (Civilization II, Rise of Nations). Choose your Nation from among the greatest civilizations of the world, and lead it to ultimate victory throughout all of human history - from the Stone Age to the Space Age! Build a capital city, train your army and dominate rival Alliances to become the most powerful ruler on the planet!

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About Us

We're a small, passionate team of experienced game development veterans, proudly located just north of Baltimore, MD, who are excited about the rise of touchscreen platforms. Originally operating as SecretNewCo, the company was founded in March of 2013 by Brian Reynolds (Civilization II, Rise of Nations, FrontierVille) and a gang of longtime collaborators. Big Huge Games is dedicated to "Finding The Fun" through rapid prototyping and a focus on a great user experience.

In July 2013, we announced our partnership with Nexon and the development of our first game, DomiNations. In DomiNations, players begin as the leader of a tribe in the Stone Age, and must guide their civilization through all of human history. Along the way, players can form alliances, trade with their friends, launch raids on their enemies, and defend against attacks from other players.
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Big Huge History

The original Big Huge Games was founded in 2000 with the mission of building world-class strategy games. Through twelve wonderful years and several award-winning hits, Big Huge Games built a team that felt more like family than a means to a paycheck. Shortly after the release of Kingdoms of Amalur: Reckoning, the studio was shuttered due to the closure of its then parent company 38 Studios. The rights to the Big Huge Games name passed to the state of Rhode Island, and with many tears the team dispersed around the world to pursue new opportunities…

Fast-forward to 2013, when several veterans from the original Big Huge founded SecretNewCo to create the next generation of deep, well-crafted mobile games. Many members of the SecretNewCo team had worked at Big Huge at some point during its twelve-year-run, so when the state of Rhode Island put the rights up for auction, we were excited by the opportunity to carry on the legacy of the original name. With deepest respect for everyone touched by the magic of the original studio, we are honored to bear the torch in the ongoing mission of Big Huge Games: Make great games, and have a great place to come to work every day!


We are always happy to talk with game devs who are interested in a unique opportunity that is well-funded, entrepreneurial, and focused on building a great culture. Big Huge Games is a company that values team skills as much as technical skills, and we're committed to hiring only the best. By sticking to this core value, we are creating a fun and energetic workplace with a passion for high quality game development. For more information, drop us a line at jobs@bighugegames.com.


Big Huge Games is looking for top-notch programmers to help us across all areas of code including tools, server-side and client development. We want engineers that live and breathe code, yet can still operate and communicate effectively in a highly interactive environment.

  • Rapidly changing tasks including tools development, server optimizations, new gameplay features and more
  • Memory and performance optimizations across all areas of gameplay and server-side
  • Automation and testing tool support and development
  • Group collaboration and code reviews
  • Analytics and data analysis systems
  • Working with all departments to ensure the best systems and tools to make our teams efficient and our games great
  • Qualifications
  • Source control system knowledge, including git and/or Perforce
  • Strength in C#, C++
  • Java/Unix skills for server development
  • Excellent team and interpersonal skills a must
  • A passion for hands-on game development with a focus on attention to detail

  • For more information, drop us a line at jobs@bighugegames.com.